AMFONIX is successful in warehousing and labeling as well as freight transportation. We provide our customers in Vilnius with the service of labeling food products, clothing and footwear, industrial, construction materials and other goods with stickers. The requirements for many goods in both Lithuania and neighboring countries are related to proper labeling (description of goods in the local language, EAC stickers, etc.).

Services we offer you:
• 3PL.loading

• unloading

• sorting

• weighing

• labeling

• packing

• assembly

• preparation for transportation



3PL decrypts it as third-party logistics. It occurs when companies need help in organizing transportation, warehousing services and handling various related documents. This comprehensive service is worth choosing if you do not have your own storage facilities or experience in managing these processes. Then we will do all the work for you. 3PL solutions are optimally integrated and tailored to the specific needs of each customer.


After selecting the 3 PL service, we will perform:

  • Delivery of goods from the customer.
  • Unloading, acceptance, inspection of products, sorting of goods, weighing.
  • Product labeling, packaging, and other printed information put in pack
  • Long – term and short – term storage of goods.
  • Administration of production batches and expiration dates, inventory control and management.
  • Completion of production orders, preparation for transportation.

If you need at least one of these services contact us, we will help you!